Recording JMeter tests with Mobile Device

By: Slav Kurochkin

There is lots of tutorials and topics covering Performance testing with JMeter for Web Client application, but what if I need to test Mobile App. Well, it is not a big difference Web Client or Mobile App, if it is web based app then you can handle performance testing with JMeter.

To make http requests recordings, first you need launch JMeter and add Thread Group

Thread Group

Then right click on Thread Group => Config Element => HTTP Request Defaults

HTTP Request Defaults

Specify Server Name or IP, for example, I’m usually selecting HttpClient4 in Implementation drop down, and in case web request via https just place “https” in the Protocol field


Then open Work Bench => Non Tests Element => HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

Right click on the HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder => Add => Listener => View Results Tree

View Results Tree

Connect your device to computer and specify proxy settings on iOS device go to Settings tap on WiFi. Tap on network you currently using

Tap on network so settings for specific network is opened

Scroll down HTTP Proxy and switch to manual, by default JMeter is on 8080 port, so set port to 8080 and in a Server field specify your IP address (You can find IP address in desktop internet settings)

Once device is set to record go back to JMeter click on HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder and hit Start button at the bottom of the JMeter. If you running on https, JMeter automatically will generate certificate which you will need install on your mobile device

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