Run automated tests using Windows Test Scheduler

By: Slav Kurochkin

So let say you have created test automation scripts and then you want to run it dailly on your windows machine, here is how you do it:

(My example for Robotframework)

1. Create a batch file which will execute tests trough the command file:

@echo off
cd C:\skurochkin\Desktop\robotframework\robotframework_project
call pybot -d results/test-output/IEtest -v BROWSER:ie tests/my_tests.robot

2. Open Windows Task Scheduler
3. Create a folder for the project if needed
4. On the right side of scheduler click “Create Task”

Test Automation using Windows Task Scheduler

5. Go to Actions tab and click new add Path to your batch file

Test Automation Using Windows Task Scheduler

6. Now save the changes and you should have your task in scheduler
7. To add trigger, simply edit task and go to Triggers tab then add new

Test Automation using Windows Scheduler
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