Java: How to write data in Excel file using Apache POI

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In my current project I'm storing value in a property file, then getting it and parsing to the Excel file, which later on I will need to upload to the software. I'm using Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents. Here is how you do it:

 public static void writeExcel() {

        String c_code = getDataValue("cCode");
        //Blank workbook
        System.out.println("Here is what we got: " + c_code);
        XSSFWorkbook workbook = new XSSFWorkbook();
        //Create a blank sheet
        XSSFSheet sheet = workbook.createSheet("Test Data");
        // shadeAlt(sheet);
        //This data needs to be written (Object[])
        Map<String, Object[]> data = new TreeMap<String, Object[]>();
        data.put("1", new Object[]{"1", "110808", "26", "0", "123456789", "90", c_code, "Mia Hernandez", "C01", "CorrectionInfo", c_code});

        //Iterate over data and write to sheet
        Set<String> keyset = data.keySet();
        int rownum = 0;
        for (String key : keyset)
            Row row = sheet.createRow(rownum++);
            Object [] objArr = data.get(key);
            int cellnum = 0;
            for (Object obj : objArr)
                Cell cell = row.createCell(cellnum++);
                if(obj instanceof String)
                else if(obj instanceof Integer)
            //Write the workbook in file system
            FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(new File("test_c_code.xlsx"));
            System.out.println("etest_c_code.xlsx written successfully.");
        catch (Exception e)

I use maven dependency in order to get library to my project:


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