Test Automation Reports

By: Slav Kurochkin

Test Automation Reports it is one of the most important component. When you think about reports, think about value it's giving you, for example will person who is reading report understand what happened, when it happened etc. How would your report help solve the problem (fix the bug) or provide enough information so team would be confident to release new version of the application. Also think about at what stage and what kind of report will help you and your team, for example:

STAGE 1: Local environment, test running on local machine, what do you want from report at this point:
- Fast and easy access to failure.
- To be able see log report during test execution

At this point IDE built in reports perfect for solving the problem.
On screenshot below you can see Itellij IDEA with built in report

Test Automation Reports

And one of the cool feature in Itellij IDEA you can actually export your reports and it’s giving you nice and clean report, including your log in case you like me control freak and logging almost everything

Test Automation Reports

Then if you don’t have enough information for example, you need visually see what is wrong on a web page, in that case you can open Cucumber-JVM report hooked with screenshot on failure.

Test Automation Reports
Test Automation Reports

STAGE 2: Remote environment. Tests running within build automation tool or CI tool, reports generated for entire team.

If your project running using one of the BDD tools JBehave or Cucucmber-JVM charts and tables really helpful for other team members visualize and get more clear report picture.

So what do you want from report at this point:
- Non technical people can read and understand
- Integration with CI and/or build automation tools

As you can see on screenshots below Serenity is pretty nice generated report, which can be easily presented to non technical people in your team they will understand what have been done without asking any questions.

Test Automation Reports
Test Automation Reports

Well if you are not a Java shop, then you should try something like Allure, even though it will works perfect with Java as well.

Test Automation Reports
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